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Sometimes they just need a little help, at the right moment. While some coaches tell you to “add a workbook to increase the perceived value” I’m here to tell you:


Worksheets, checklists, and debriefs are actually serious ways to support your students when they go to do the work.  


Worksheets get a bad rap because they’re commonly used wrong- nobody wants fluff or busy work. But you can- and should- do it differently! 


There’s a science behind giving your students what they need- and I can help you learn and implement it in -2 hours.  

Create the best Digital Goodies for your course



You’ll go from “Hey I can add a workbook because… people like workbooks” to creating sophisticated support tools that meet your students in their “moment of need” and get them to implement the right action steps. With quick, actionable strategies and easy-to-implement templates, you’ll walk away a wiser, better course creator.  TEMPLATES INCLUDED!


Learn exactly what you need to know and do to make valuable worksheets. 


My plug-and-play worksheet templates that you can use to for your course.


Chat support in my course platform, with a built-in app if you need help.

About that worksheet you’re creating…

It’s not just a bit of fluff. 

It’s a valuable tool to support your student in taking action, which dramatically increases their chances of being successful. 

And students who feel successful want to come back and learn more from you, which makes everyone pretty happy. 

I’d like to show you what your students need to support them as they start to implement what they’ve learned. And then I’ll give you the right tools to build it. 

Psst... the "secret" of great workbooks is...



Students forget most of what you said by the next day. You need ways to make that recall easier so that they can act on what they have learned. 


You’ve heard that clarity leads to action, and it’s true. Clear and specific how-tos that also have the “what it looks like” factor can make a huge difference. 


The thing you, as an expert, do without even being aware of it, is the way you structure the way you do the things you do. Uncover this for your students!

Create the best Digital Goodies for your course

It’s all about Implementation 

 When it comes to your course, you know your process works, your content is spot on, and students can get great results…

But the magic only happens when your students take action and implement what you have taught.  

Luckily, there’s an entire field of research dedicated to doing just that. It’s called job aids and performance support, and it’s going to change the way you support your students. 

(I went to graduate school to learn this, but you can start implementing it in your courses in about an hour!)

Creating great support tools can dramatically increase the results your students get from your course. 

You know what’s even better?

Your competitors don’t know this exists. 

Hi, I’m Laura Willson
I’m an Instructional Designer, B.A., M. Ed. and your secret weapon to create courses that get results.
I’ve seen too many courses that could have- and should have- been soooo good, but they just didn’t quite do the trick. They are either overwhelming or there’s the constant feeling of “what am I supposed to do?!”

It’s not that these course creators didn’t have the knowledge, but they just don’t know how to structure their knowledge so someone else could and would get the same results.

I’m usually hired by course creators to fix existing courses that aren’t working And although incremental change and improvement is good…

Doing it right the first time is so much better.

AHA Moments From This Course:

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have a course built?
The principles I teach will still be relevant when you DO create a course. It’s always great to get it right the first time!
How long will this take?
The course is schedule and materials are structured to take one hour. I generally stay on calls to answer questions as long as needed, but you’re free to hop off at any time. After the live call is over, if you would like some motivation to make your own first lesson I’ll have a 7 day window where you can submit your work to me for a free video review.
Do you offer refunds?
Since all the content and downloads are available to you as soon as you pay, no refunds are offered.
I’ve got another question.
Great! Use the chat box at the right bottom corner of this page and let’s chat.

Create the best Digital Goodies for your course

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