“Cherry on Top”
The Perfect Offer Mix for Your Online Course

What makes your online course offer luscious and scrumptious and totally irresistible?

The right mix of support that you add to your pre-recorded content so that students get exceptional results… and you get a life! (And profit, and repeat buyers.)

After you’ve nailed all of the content for your course, it’s time to tell people what they get when they buy it from you. And you may be wondering:

  • What makes my course stand out from competitors?
  • How can I get results similar to 1:1 work without working so hard?
  • How can I confidently, strategically change or raise prices when I want or need to, without feeling icky?

It’s the bits in your offer!

You may not have thought about what you want to offer in your course outside of your lessons, but it can actually make or break the course for both you and your students. Surprisingly, I talk to course creators who don’t feel good about selling their course because:

  • Students drop out of the course, which means no great results let alone testimonials or repeat sales
  • They’ve added so much extra in the course that it’s massive time suck and they don’t even want to run it again
  • They don’t know where it will fit in with their 1:1 work

Knowing what to add in your Offer Mix can solve all of this, plus some a few things you’re not even thinking of yet!


The right offer is the best version of your 1:many program where you’ve dialed in how to scale an exceptional program, while having a life and meeting your income goals. I’ll help you decide what goes in your offer, and some smart offer strategy when you’re ready to make different offers to grow your business. 

Let me help you quickly create the Offer Mix that students want to buy and you’re excited to sell


The right offer, at minimum, is that the course delivers the results that students were promised. Let’s define the amount of support in the course depends on what gets them over the finish line.


You can change your offer mix so that you can ethically plan sales and promotions withour feeling icky about people who already bought from you.


While you want great results for your students, you also get to have a life and get paid appropriately. The right offer balances your goals with what your students need.
Something feels amazing when you love your offer bits and you’re excited to go sell it!

Get the course for just $9


You'll pop right into the course where you can watch the quick training.


Add in your specifics and boom, you're done. Go take a nap.

And then it’s done forever!

What's actually in CHERRY ON TOP?

Everything you need to get it handled in an hour or less

A quick training video on what you can include and how to use the template.


A template that helps you decide on your offer mix for this course or your next one.

An introduction into how Instructional Designers think.
One fast way to save yourself a lot of headaches!

Past Clients Say…

Hi, I’m Laura Willson
I’m an Instructional Designer, B.A., M. Ed. and your secret weapon to create courses that get results.
I’ve seen too many courses that could have- and should have- been soooo good, but they just didn’t quite do the trick. They are either overwhelming or there’s the constant feeling of “what am I supposed to do?!”

It’s not that these course creators didn’t have the knowledge, but they just don’t know how to structure their knowledge so someone else could and would get the same results.

I’m usually hired by course creators to fix existing courses that aren’t working And although incremental change and improvement is good…

Doing it right the first time is so much better.



What exactly do I get?
– 40 minute video training
– A template for you to use, with a Google doc to copy and PDF to choose from
– A look inside my really cool course portal
– An introduction to my work, in case you’re interested in working with me
Why is it only $9? Is it really a complete training?
It’s $9 because I want a really easy way for people who have just met me to become buyers, fall in love with my work, and want to come back for more. It is indeed a complete training and there’s no pitch.
Should I buy this if I have your other stuff?
If you have bought a Course Map service from me, we did this together.

If you are a student in Scaled Up, this is covered there and in your course map.

What if I don't have my course finished yet?
You can absolutely use this as you are building your course, if you have the bandwidth. I especially suggest it if you are an A-type or your students are. Some people get especially unhappy if they don’t feel like they know what to do, what to expect, and what the limits are. This will address all of those things.
Do you offer refunds?
Not on $9 digital goods. The transaction fees make that not even feasible.
I have another question.
Cool, use the chat button and ask away!

Create your Perfect Offer Mix!

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