I'll set up your course in Xperiencify

Gamified Course Build

Let’s set up your course in Xperiencify… fast! 

Xperiencify is an amazing, feature-rich platform that can do so much to increase your student engagement and course completion rates.
But there is a methodology behind the features, as well as a learning curve to setting up your course with all the details looking like you want them.
You can spend time figuring it all out, OR you can get an expert to get it done fast. (I recommend that latter!)

There’s so much you can do in Xperiencify!

A gamified student dashboard with features to motivate student achievement

Training content optimized to get students to learn and then take action
Automations triggered by what students are doing in the platform- or not doing
Customizable branding, layouts, release options, and so much more!
Pages configured for Bonuses, Call Replays, and even custom pages configured to your specifications

A robust email system, that can be tied to release dates or student activity, to make it like your course concierge

And I can help you use everything you’re paying for!

Here's what goes in to your build:

I’ll help you understand and choose all of the gamification features that work for your course so that you can implement new features for your students.

I’ll customize all of the settings, branding, and layouts so that the course looks and acts just like you want it, and you don’t get lost in the details.

I road-test your course to make sure all the bits and toggles are turned on and working so that you’re ready to add your training content, and then students.
So you can create the next-level version of your course with all the features you want!

What’s Included

Course Consultation
In this 1-2 hour Zoom session, I’ll capture exactly what you want your course to accomplish, so we can match all of the Xperiencify features that will make your vision come to life. I’ll also orient you to Xperiencify methodology, and we’ll create your mission, goals, and pre-actions. You can ask as many course questions from an Instructional Designer (that’s me) as we can fit in the time window.
Your Student Dashboard
By design, every time a student logs in to Xperiencify they are presented with their mission and goals. I’ll get this page customized to your brand, and your mission to start students out with a sense of purpose, and reminded of their “why” every time they log in.
Standard Course Pages
Let’s get your brand, layout, and features looking smashing and working like magic.

Standard pages include:

All Trainings
Single Training
All Modules
Single Module
All Bonuses
Single Bonus
All Replays
Single Replay

Custom Page
I’ll create one custom page that adds resources or additional information you’d like to make easily accessible for your students.
Basic Automations
I’ll get your welcome email set to trigger when a student joins the course, plus up to 6 celebrations and automations from the pre-made Playbook.
Cart Setup
I’ll add your basic description, price, terms, and brand elements. (You will need to supply your Terms and Conditions.)
Course Optimization
I recommend best practices specific to your needs, and add the ones you choose to adopt, such as reminders with tokens, course commenting, or ways to turn in assignments.
Road Testing
I’ll go through from purchase to welcome email to every page to make sure it’s all styled and working as it should.
Your Action Steps and Personalized Tutorials
I’ll make a list of everything you need to add and do next, as well as make video tutorials of any bits you need to know.
2nd Consultation
After delivery, you can walk through and then schedule a follow up meeting to ask me all of your questions. I can also train your team at this time.
What's not included
Course migration- this service sets up the platform but does not migrate your existing content. Book a consultation with me for a quote to migrate.

Payment processor setup. You’ll need to add your account details.

Terms and conditions for your course. You’ll need to provide your own.

Third party integrations, such as your ESP, ThriveCart, Chatra, etc.

Advanced setups, CSS, HTML blocks, webhooks or JavaScript

Hyperlinking. You’ll need to add your links after delivery.

Zapier connections

The Xperiencify Course Build is for you if:
You love the idea of being on bleeding edge of technology, and want a platform that not only supports your students, it makes them feel special.
You value getting it done, and getting it done fast. And you want to stay in the parts of your business that you’re best at, rather than trying to learn it all.
You realize hiring a specialist will make your course come to life much quicker and with much better results.
Here’s how the process works

1. Book a single, 2-hour online session, where we’ll go over exactly how you want your course to work. 

2. 3-5 business days later I will send you your completed Course Build.

3. Book a 60-min follow-up session and we’ll review your course, and I’ll show you or your team how to make changes.

4. Confidently launch and sell an incredible course on Xperiencify. 

Done-for-you fast for $3000
Hi, I’m Laura Willson
I’m an Instructional Designer, B.A., M. Ed. and your secret weapon to create courses that get results.
I’ve seen too many courses that could have- and should have- been soooo good, but they just didn’t quite do the trick. They are either overwhelming or there’s the constant feeling of “what am I supposed to do?!”

It’s not that these course creators didn’t have the knowledge, but they just don’t know how to structure their knowledge so someone else could and would get the same results.

I’m usually hired by course creators to fix existing courses that aren’t working And although incremental change and improvement is good…

Doing it right the first time is so much better.

How awesome could your course possibly be?
What if… instead of sending every new student into some motivation-draining process of creating a username and password to get into your course, they popped right in to a “Welcome Experience” where they are not only trained to take action from the very beginning, but also recognized for it.
What if… every page of your course not only looked fantastic, it was optimized to help students learn from you and do the actions needed to get great results. What is the actual design was strategically created to help them get a little addicted to your course and constantly feel like they’re winning.
What if… your course could automatically celebrate, email, or reward students for taking action. Or email them to offer help and support when they’re falling behind. What if you could add in surprise encouragement at place in your course where students get stuck… and this could all happen without you having to maintain anything.
Your live round of courses were perfectly configured to make your course content look amazing, and house all of the bits without being overwhelming, and your evergreen programs made your students feel like you’re right there with them.
This is what you can do with gamification and automation. And there’s nothing else like it anywhere.
Your Questions Answered!

Can I reschedule if something happens?
I get it, things happen. And yet, most of us need a little pressure from having a deadline to get over the hump. Under extraordinary circumstances you can move your session once to another available slot within 3 months. I require at least 48 hours notice and all rescheduling happens at my discretion.

How is this better than doing it myself, or hiring a VA?
I’m both an Instructional Designer and an expert in Xperiencify. I understand the Xperiencify methodology (so much that I worked as their Head Coach) and how to apply it to your course. I’ll make sure you get all of the design feature set up to your advantage, instead of skipped because no one understood what they were for. I’ll add in all the tips and trick learned from working on dozens of courses, and seeing what actually drives better student achievement.You can duplicate the model that I build for you, and use it for future courses, and yes, I’ll help train your team on our follow up call.

What are the session timings /time-zones?
My availability is based on Pacific time. If you don’t see a slot that meets your needs, contact me to see if we can find a different time slot that works for both of us!

Does this include migrating my content
No, this is to set up the course portal with everything you need to customize it to your needs. Adding content is a second step, and I can quote you for that separately.

I have a different question!

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