Course Map and Learning Path
Have you noticed that most courses are just… not that good?
Most course creators are so knowledgeable and so in their process that they don’t really see it clearly.
So when they create a course, they make a huuuuuuge list and add all the good ideas and strategies they can think of.
This sounds good, but it often ends with a course that lacks a clear, specific outcome and is really overwhelming, leading to lukewarm student responses and lackluster results.
These meh courses are a shame, because a well-designed, results-oriented, amazing course leads to:
Less dropouts, higher completion rates and more student successes
More and better testimonials and students will help you promote your work
Customers that want to buy every single thing you create because they know just how good it is
An entire separate revenue stream and intellectual property that completely yours
Feeling incredibly proud of your work because you also know how good it is 😉
You knowing that your course gets incredible results, so you can’t wait to sell it!
But, since no one really talks about this, how do you create a great course?

You make sure you start with a Course Map, Learning Path and focus on the Student Experience!

What are those, you ask?
The Course Map lists out the exact steps your clients or students take to get to a specific outcome.
The Learning Path is based on the Course Map and lists all the steps and lessons needed to get to the outcome.
The Student Experience is all about how we help a student throughout the course and focuses on quick wins, student motivation, and supporting them through the hardest parts.
Together these form the blueprint for your signature process and successful course!
Course Map and Learning Path creation is for you if:
You’re a coach, course creator, or service provider who has done something very successfully or led others through a process to get a specific result. You know how to do your thing!
You want your students to succeed! And you also understand that the best marketing is having successful students rave about your course 😉
You realize hiring a specialist will make your course come to life much quicker and with much better results.
And if you already have courses, you may experience this:
You suspect you’re adding too many things to your courses, confusing the students or overwhelming them to a point where they never actually do the work.
You feel a little icky about selling it again or sad because your existing students aren’t quite getting the results you want or abandoning your course altogether.
Or maybe you’ve been propping up the value and results of a course that’s not landing quite right by adding coaching or live support, but scaling with oodles of live calls is not your dream.

Here’s what you get if you book a Course Map and Learning Path:

A complete blueprint to create a course that makes student success inevitable! Includes a worked out Course Map, Learning Path, and Student Experience.
2 online sessions; one to deepdive into your students and process and one once I deliver your Course Map and Learning Path to answer any questions and work on the Student Experience.
You will also receive my “Student Success Guide” template to give to your students at the start of the course so they know exactly what is needed to be successful in the course.
You’ll have everything you need to create a transformational course for your students.
Here’s how the process works

1. Book a single, online session, which lasts up to 4 hours with breaks. During this session we’ll dive deep into your students, your process, and how you get results.

2. 5-10 business days later I will send you your completed Course Map and Learning Path.

3. Book a 60-min follow-up session and we’ll map out the Student Experience together!

4. Confidently create and sell an incredible course.

All yours for $2,000

What Clients Say…

Hi, I’m Laura Willson
I’m an Instructional Designer, B.A., M. Ed. and your secret weapon to create courses that get results.
I’ve seen too many courses that could have- and should have- been soooo good, but they just didn’t quite do the trick. They are either overwhelming or there’s the constant feeling of “what am I supposed to do?!”

It’s not that these course creators didn’t have the knowledge, but they just don’t know how to structure their knowledge so someone else could and would get the same results.

I’m usually hired by course creators to fix existing courses that aren’t working And although incremental change and improvement is good…

Doing it right the first time is so much better.

Do you want to create a course that provides rocket fuel both for your business and your students?
A fun side-effect that everyone that booked this service so far has experienced is that they all feel so confident in their course, they can’t wait to go out and (pre)sell it!
Claudia and Emma both sensed that “Hey, actually this is how it works and it’s different from how I’m teaching it now.” Claudia also realized which part of what we mapped out to use as the webinar to sell the course.
Sandra pre-sold an initial live round with limited spots netting over $11,000 before creating the course materials. She turned it into a larger program with a longer container after validating the material (and being paid to create it!).
Having a very clear overview of your process and knowledge lays a foundation for serious business progress.
And it all starts with a thoughtful Course Map, Learning Path, and Student Experience.
Your Questions Answered!

What if I don’t get my pre-work done in time? Or I need to move my session date?
I get it, things happen. And yet, most of us need a little pressure from having a deadline to get over the hump. Under extraordinary circumstances you can move your session once to another available slot within 3 months. I require at least 48 hours notice and all rescheduling happens at my discretion.

I’m still not sure why this is important?
Many courses are created to benefit the course creator, not the student (the whole “passive income” and “courses on how to sell courses” industry plays into this!). How humans learn is a huge field and being good at what you do doesn’t mean you also know how to teach it! Having your Course Map, Learning Path and Student Experience mapped out takes the guesswork out of course creation and makes successful students much more likely!

What are the session timings /time-zones?
My availability is based on Pacific time. If you don’t see a slot that meets your needs, contact me to see if we can find a different time slot that works for both of us!

I have a different question!

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