Hi, I’m Laura Willson
And I had an idea…

One of my clients had such great success by adding an “Onramp Course” to her business, that I thought “I’m really on to something here.” For her, we built a 21 day, simple program that introduced new to the basics of her method. When running it monthly, she was able to make $5-20K a month in what she calls “the easiest money in my business.” 

So my idea… how can I make it super easy for my students to create their own 21 day Onramp course and get their course content DONE FAST? And make it super affordable? 

Well, I did AND THEY DID IT!

I present the student showcase of EASY MONEY COURSES! 

Create your Onramp course for “Easy Money” 


heARTfully well: Part One of the Foundation Series

Renée Tate, LPC, LCPC, ATR, REAT

Feeling like you are in a constant state of exhaustion and survival vs. thriving? This course, heARTfully well: Part One of the Foundation Series is here to support you experiencing “being well at a heART level,” or heARTful wellness. Renée Tate, registered art therapist and licensed clinical professional counselor along with fellow creative, catalyst, and collaborator JT8 will guide you in trying creative practices for 21 days to develop increased mindfulness. Learn different ways to daily reconnect with your brain and body, implement small changes as powerful changes, and commit to a creative wellness routine. heARTfully well courses are designed so that you can access creativity and mental health wellness skills at your own pace. We offer equity-based pricing. Remember, experiencing genuine wellness is about practicing. Come practice with us! 

Two Keystrokes to Sales

Meagan Beltekoglu – The ClickUp Shop by New Leaf Digital

Streamline your sales process and efficiently respond to inquiries with personality using the Two Keystroke Method taught in Two Keystrokes to Sales, so you can close more sales and grow your business. Learn an inquiry response system that enables you to swiftly and effectively respond to inquiries received through a variety of channels. Then, outsource this task to your team and rest easy knowing you’re providing your customers with an amazing experience. 

Revitalize Your Energy: Feel fabulous, get more done, and restore your joy
Annette Presley, Revived Woman

Are you tired of feeling exhausted, drained, and lacking the energy to truly enjoy life? Do you find yourself struggling to stay focused, productive, and motivated throughout the day? It’s time to break free from the chains of fatigue and revitalize your energy!
Introducing “Revitalize Your Energy,” a transformative online course with Voxer support designed to help you reclaim your vitality, boost your productivity, and unlock your full potential. This simple program is your roadmap to a life filled with the energy you need to be the high performing rockstar at work, the fun, energetic mom at home, and the passionate lover in the bedroom.

Dishing the Secrets: Why You’re Struggling to get Organized as a Busy Mom
Amy at Plan to MOM

Tired of feeling overwhelmed and unorganized? Learn why you’re struggling to be an organized Mom! In 14 days you will know how to turn it around and start BECOMING the Organized Mom you’ve always wanted to be. The Dishing the Secrets E-Course provides 3 modules and over 15 short, actionable video lessons to help you understand the reasons behind your past struggles to get organized. With a workbook to put your newfound knowledge into action, say goodbye to chaos and hello to a more organized and stress-free life. Get started today and unlock the secrets to organization success!

The Impulse Spending Prevention Blueprint
Sherrie St. Cyr, Financial Therapist

Discover financial freedom with our mini-course on conquering impulse spending! In just three lessons, you’ll gain powerful insights to regain control of your finances. Lesson 1 unveils the art of reshaping your environment to thwart impulsive buying, setting you up for success. Lesson 2 empowers you to master the art of resisting urges, cultivating the skill to pause before purchase. Finally, Lesson 3 introduces fundamental budgeting tools, focusing solely on tracking and curbing impulsive expenses. Unlock a future of mindful spending as you learn to navigate your impulses, build resilience, and achieve financial balance – one intentional choice at a time.

the Audience Engine™
Carrie Wilkerson, the Fully Leveraged Business™

​Imagine waking up to new qualified leads on a daily basis instead of wondering if anyone is listening …

​Imagine a quick glance at the calendar daily & knowing where future leads will come from & why…

​Imagine the feeling of having a ‘home team advantage’ any time you have an offer, product, opening or service that you want to launch or test and the ‘room’ is full of leads waiting to hear from you…

Let’s make this your reality in just 21 days without expensive tech or risky ad spend.

Create your Onramp course for “Easy Money” 

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