Can you create, set-up, and pre-sell your first or next online course in a weekend?
Yes. Yes you can. Although you may need my help.

Does any of this sound familiar?
You’ve bought a few courses to help you create and launch your own course, yet always gave up midway, got stuck on the execution, or had lackluster results. 
Meanwhile you’re racking up the credit card charges for more courses, copywriting, launch coaching, and whatever else you thought would help. Only it didn’t help. 
You may have done full-on launches and maybe the results were above expectations, but so was the exhaustion and stress of launching. And then you still had to deliver…
You love having an online business. This is fun! That is fun! Look at that shiny object! Meanwhile, you’re stuck in a circle of needing an audience to sell your offers to, but you’re not attracting a paying audience because you have nothing to sell to them… You can read that again 😉 

It doesn’t have to be this way though…
Let me help you finally create and sell your paid workshop.

Enter… Workshop in a Weekend
A virtual done-with-you VIP Weekend to create your first or next paid workshop
Wait a second! Didn’t I just tell you we’d create your online course together and now I’m suddenly talking about workshops? Here’s the deal – You can create an amazing paid workshop and turn it into a self-study course after.

It’s a much more magical way of launching a course because it’s simpler, quicker, and validates your offer (= GETS YOU PAID 😉) without the nightmare of creating dozens of lessons and pulling off a big launch.




Finding your zone of genius is way easier when you’re actually trying things –  fast! Giving yourself permission to experiment and do more of what’s working will help your business thrive.  Does your audience want it? Do you like delivering it? You’ll know quickly. 


Being a business owner is way more FUN when you have a simple, repeatable process which gets you paid while testing and creating your offers. (Yes, you can get paid to create your own courses!)


This is like a low-key, easy-to-do launch. If you’ve never launched, you’ll soon be a “real entrepreneur” (because real entrepreneurs get paid). If  you’ve launched before, this is much easier than the complicated, 82-moving parts launch process most gurus teach.


You love your online business, although some people around you think it’s a scam. You want to prove them wrong, but need results to do that–  so let’s get you those results, the easy way!


Now that that’s out of the way… Here’s what Workshop in a Weekend Includes
A sales page either through a Google Doc or your existing platform
Copy for 3 sales emails to pre-sell your workshop
5 social graphics to share your workshop on social media
Your workshop content ready to teach from a beautifully branded slide deck
My insider tips for hosting the live session (audio, video, recording, and moderating)
Tips to repurpose the replay – and potentially take it to a full-blown course
BONUS: If you use Xperiencify, I can do your tech set up to host your workshop, including taking payment


Here’s how the process works!

1. Book Your Weekend

At least 1-2 weeks in advance you’ll book your weekend with me – dates move fast and we can book a little further ahead too!

2. Pre-work Questionnaire

Fill out the list of questions I send you and submit these at least 48 hours before we kick off – so we’re both fully prepared.

3. The Weekend’s Here!

We’ll meet virtually on your VIP weekend and do 4 sessions to create everything together.

4. Ready, Set, Sell!

With your now complete offer, tech, marketing and content, you’re on your merry way to sell it and shine during your workshop.
Well that all sounds great but…
IS a workshop RIGHT FOR YOU? 
  • Are you looking for a fast, easy, low-stress way to get a foundational piece of your body of work DONE – in a weekend instead of weeks, months, or even years?
  • Do you prefer to make a lot of progress quickly and is a burst of focused progress and energy just what you need?
  • Does tech freak you out? So a turnkey solution where someone else manages the tech gremlins for you sounds like a dream?
  • Are you ready to ditch exhausting, high-pressure launches, but you do still want to create something new and sell it?
  • Does learning a repeatable process to create more workshops and courses the easy way sound like a great perk?
  • Does your business need an impulse? Something that creates momentum instead of running in place most of the time?

If you answered yes to most (or all!) of these questions, Workshop in a Weekend is for you!

Hi, I’m Laura,  Instructional Designer, B.A., M. Ed. & Your Secret Weapon for Course Success
I created courses for a living long before I became an entrepreneur. And STILL I spent thousands of dollars on DIY courses from big name influencers and…

I DIDN’T LAUNCH my own course.

I did get clients through my corporate background and built their courses.


When I asked my friends from all of these courses how they were doing… They had similar results. Meaning no results.

When we talked about it together, we realiZed that although we admire these influential course-creators who talk about having 6- and 7-figure course launches like it’s a cakewalk… We weren’t exactly like them.

Most of us are at a different stage in business
We don’t have large teams, let alone a launch manager
We value balance and a healthy, low-stress lifestyle (with regular sleep and zero of that hustle-nonsense)
We’re still employed and/or don’t have another wage-earning to depend on.
We are care-givers and have people who depend on us
We knew that something about all of it just didn’t align, although most of us thought we had to suck it up and just try harder.

Then I found this method… And guess what?


And I grew my list
And got testimonials
And watched payments come though in my Stripe account
And had offers I’m proud of, and can promote in feel-good ways

This way of creating and launching fast changed my business. I wish someone had shown me this years ago.

And so now I’m sharing it with you!

Want to create all the materials so you will launch next?

Book your Workshop in a Weekend.

“I went through so many programs with successful leaders who were preaching and teaching the hustle and grind- and tacitly shaming anyone who didn’t want to live that way as being unworthy. But as a health coach, mother, and caregiver, I knew I couldn’t teach about creating a healthy life while trying to build a business with constant stress and no work/life balance. For me, this workshop model showed me a way to run my business in a way that serves my clients, makes me money, and leaves me time with my family. Beyond that, Laura helped me work through the message and the tech and get it done.”

CEO/Founder, Random Acts of Leadership

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use a specific platform?
You can use whatever platform you choose, however, I’m happy to create your course and cart if you use Xperiencify and Stripe. If you use other types of course or payment platforms, you will need to set those up.
What if I don't get my pre-work done? What if I need to move my session date?
I get it, things happen. And yet, most of us need a little deadline pressure to get over the hump. Under extraordinary circumstances you can move your session once to another available slot within 3 months, with at least 48 hours notice. All rescheduling happens at my discretion.
What if I change my mind about the content for my workshop after we start? Can I start over with a new idea?
Nope. Here’s why: Most of what you will learn is the PROCESS. Over the life of your business, you will have a ton of ideas and possibly pivot a few times. The process remains the same, and you’ll have that for the next project.

It’s so much better to see one thing to completion than to restart with the next shiny object. By committing to move forward with the idea you choose, this provides a much better container for us to collaborate and get it done.

Are we creating a paid workshop or an online course? What’s the difference?
During our weekend, we’re creating a paid workshop together, which you can either sell as a workshop or repurpose into a course. The best part is that you got paid to create it and got feedback from your audience. It’s so much easier to iterate forward to improve or build sales and launch strategies around your content when you’re not trying to do ALL of it at the same time.
I'm not really into low ticket offers. Will this still help me?
This isn’t so much about a price point as a way to create content and validate it. It’s a sandbox of sorts, where you can test new ideas and validate with your audience, and see what does and does not work. Once you validate by pre-selling, you can repurpose the content into new offers at different price points, because you know it works!
What if we’re in different timezones?
I’ll be available between 8 am and 8 pm Pacific, and this extended day is created to account for different time zones. This means, most time zones get at least a handful of hours of conversation during a Day of Voxer.
What types of coaches do you work with?
I work with all varieties of life, health, and specialty coaches. I do best with PG content and am not a good fit for things that are graphic, sexual, or paranormal.
What is your refund policy?
Once your day is reserved for you, it is yours and non-refundable. If you need to reschedule, you can do so in a three month window with 24 hours notice. Reasonable accommodations will be made for emergencies of mine or yours.
I have one more question before I book.
Email and ask!
Copyright Laura Willson 2022 All rights reserved. .
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